Article Title

The Darkest Hour


Carly Schmutz


Dependable, Young Adult, Caroline Tung Richmond, Carol Ly, World War II, Teens, Espionage, Historical Fiction, Action

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Book Review


At the peak of World War Two, sixteen-year-old Lucie Blaise volunteers to assist in the war effort to avenge her brother who died on the battlefield as an American soldier fighting the Nazis. She is recruited to Covert Ops--a secret organization of female spies stationed in France. While still in training, Lucie and a fellow agent are assigned to interrogate and transport a former Nazi, Dorner, who has agreed to reveal important Nazi secrets in exchange for safe passage to England. Along the way Dorner, Lucie, and the others engage in combat with many enemy Nazi’s, escape from attempted brainwash in a German laboratory, and ultimately end up in England to recover and return home. But Lucie decides to return to France as a spy where she can continue aiding in the cause to beat the Axis powers and end the war once and for all.