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Sydnee Burr


Outstanding, Young Adult, R.J. Palacio, New Kid, Facial Deformity, Kindness, Friendship, Middle School

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Book Review


Encouraging all readers to exercise a little more kindness, Palacio explores different levels of what it is to be mean and inspires a desire to avoid being unkind and to be more benevolent. Auggie was born with a facial deformity. His appearance is different enough to initially spark fear, distrust, and discomfort in almost all his first encounters. He's used to it. It's been that way his whole life, and while it is perpetually hurtful, he approaches the subject with humor. Making the switch from being home schooled, to entering the cruelty of middle school ignites a painful growing experience not only for Auggie, but all those he interacts with as everyone involved learns the importance of kindness.