Aylea Stephens


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Lori Goldstein, Genie, Family, Fantasy, Teen Romance, Jinn

Document Type

Book Review


Now that Azra is used to being a jinn, it's easier to balance granting wishes and living her human life. But when the brother she didn't know about shows up with rumors of an uprising that would finally bring her family together, Azra is faced with new difficult decisions. Her unique ability to perform magic without being bound to the Afrit's rules make her a powerful player if she can decide how to go about her role in this uprising. If she can succeed, she'll gain everything. But if they lose, everything she loves will be lost. Azra discovers more about the family secrets that make her unusually powerful and works together with her friends and family to put an end to the Afrit's control over the people she loves most.