Lisa Packard


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Michael Scott, Alchemy, Magic, Supernatural, Siblings, Twins, History, Myths

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Book Review


Twins Sophie and Josh Newman just moved to San Francisco while their parents are in Utah digging up artifacts. Their coffee shop and bookstore jobs are right across the street from each other. One day at the bookstore Josh smells rotten eggs and mint, only to find out that it's the smell of distinct magic. Dr. John Dee, smelling of rotten eggs, has come looking for a book written by Abraham the Mage. And it turns out that Nick Flemming, Josh’s boss, smells like mint. The two battle and Dee steals the book, but Nick saves two very important pages and his wife Perry. The Flemmings, Josh, and Sophie must leave the city to find an old magical creature called an Elder. Nick is actually Nicholas Flamel, a famous alchemist that supposedly died in 1418. Nicholas and his wife have been using the Book to become immortal. The twins have magic as well and they must awaken their power in order to stop Dee and the Dark Elders he works for. Flamel takes them to a 2,000 year old Elder named Scathach. She helps them travel to one of the oldest Elders named Hekate who can awaken the twins powers. As Hekate awakens Sophie's powers, Dee and the Dark Elders attack. Flamel, Scathach, and the twins get away but Hekate is killed. The small band travel to Ojai to find a way to awaken Josh's powers. Dee tracks them down and almost catches them. But magical portals that are connected to a mirror in Paris, France allows the group to escape, but still on the run from Dee and the Dark Elders.