Liz Kazandzhy


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Apple, Android, Art, Drawing

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App Review


Kids Doodle is an app that, as its title obviously suggests, lets kids doodle! Users can start with an empty canvas (a color of their choice) or a picture already stored on the device. A simple and hidable panel is displayed on the bottom of the screen with the following icons: canvas (select a new canvas), paintbrush (select one of 24 paintbrushes), eraser (erases where you touch), back arrow (undo), forward arrow (redo), play symbol (show a video of how the doodle was created), and a disk (save the doodle into the gallery). In the free version, kid-friendly apps appear at the top of the screen and occasionally in between drawings, but these can be removed by purchasing the pro version for $0.99. Also, from the main menu of the app, you can select the gallery to view past paintings, and for each there are options to delete, share (for example, via text message or social media), replay (anywhere between 1x and 12x the original speed), or edit the doodle.