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Samanthasaurus Rex


Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, B.B. Mandell, Suzanne Kaufman, Dinosaurs, Differences, Family, Explorers, Picture Book

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Book Review


Samanthasaurus Rex is not like other T-Rex's and her family knows it. Her family is trying to teach her how to be loud, strong, and a good leader, but Samanthasaurus wants to learn why things are the way they are. She wants to sort, count, and paint. One day Samanthasaurus and her family go on a hike. As Samanthasaurus is resting, the ground begins to shake and it's starting to get very hot. Her family is hiking up a volcano! Using all the things she has found and learned, Samanthasaurus leads her family to safety and they all realize that Samanthasaurus is a good T-Rex after all.