Kati Penovich


Dependable, Young Adult, Alyson Noel, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Nightclub, Celebrities

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Book Review


The bright spotlight of fame and flashing cameras sometimes hide the darkest secrets. Unrivaled introduces four teenagers whose fates seem to be mysteriously intertwined. All four have high ambitions: Layla wants to be a journalist, Aster wants to be an actress, Tommy wants to be a rock star, and while Madison Brooks may already be at the top of the Hollywood food chain, she wants to keep her fame while somehow hiding the skeletons of her past. These determined teenagers are sucked into the glamorous Hollywood nightclub scene and pulled together by a cutthroat competition with the promise of riches and fame. Layla, Aster, and Tommy compete to draw the hottest names into their nightclubs, and Madison is their idea of the perfect draw. However, when Madison goes missing, all three fall under suspicion, both by the reader and by the characters themselves.