Rachel Wadham


Outstanding, Preschool, Mo Willems, Tony DiTerlizzi, Dogs, Cats, Paris, France, Friendship

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Book Review


Diva, a very small dog who lives at 11 Avenue Le Play in Paris, feels safe in her garden even though big feet might step on her. Flea, a cat who lives on the street, loves to explore and has adventures every day. One day Flea’s travels go past Diva’s garden and the two strike up a friendship. Flea regales Diva with stories of the wide world and eventually convinces her to take a few small steps to see the tower that pierces the sky. In return, Diva introduces Flea to the wonders of the indoors like food that is there for the taking and brooms that don’t chase you away. Together the pair discover new worlds as they face down their greatest fears and Diva learns to confront the feet entering her garden.