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Little Miss, Big Sis


Amanda Durrant


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Peter H. Reynolds, Rhyming, Sisters, Babies, Picture Book

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Book Review


Little Miss finds out she is about to become a Big Sis! This book covers it all, starting with Little Miss waiting for the birth of a new baby. As the story progresses, Little Miss turns into a Big Sis through caring for and playing with the new baby as they grow up together. Big Sis's life changes with the new arrival, first with an infant who doesn't do much but cry and sleep, then on to making messes, and finally becoming social as an older infant. Big Sis discovers the joys and annoyances of having a younger sibling as the new Little Miss grows from an infant, to toddler, and finally a preschooler. But, she also discovers all the love that comes with it.