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Outstanding, Primary, Lindsay Mattick, Sophie Blackall, Bears, Winnie-The-Pooh, Nonfiction, A.A. Milne, Harry Colebourn, Picture Book

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Finding Winnie is the true story of Harry Colebourn, a veterinarian from Canada, and his bear Winnipeg (or Winnie for short). Harry bought Winnie from a trapper while on his way to work at as a vet during WWI. He brought Winnie along with him across the Atlantic Ocean to remind him and the other Canadian soldiers of their home. Once he was called upon to join the fighting in France, he left Winnie at the London Zoo to keep her safe. There, a little boy named Christopher Robin Milne visited and befriended her and even named his own stuffed bear after her, Winnie-the-Pooh. His father, Alan Alexander Milne wrote about the boy and his friendship with the bear and that is how Winnie-the-Pooh became the most beloved bear in the world.