Aylea Stephens


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Jackson Pierce, Snow Queen, Fairy Tale, Wolves, Witches, Love, Teen Romance

Document Type

Book Review


Kai and Ginny were best friends for most of their lives, but now they are more than friends, in love, and have every intention of running away together. One night, however, Kai goes off with a stranger named Mora. Ginny discovers that Mora is the Snow Queen through the help of Kai’s grandmother who had an encounter with her when she was a teenager. Ginny decides to do whatever it takes to go after Kai and get him back, but she soon realizes that even in the United States there is a world of monsters and villains that she never expected. With the help of new friends Ella, Luke, and Flannery, future queen of Kentucky, Ginny chases down Kai, fights the snow queen, and learns about the mysterious wolf creatures that follow her in her quest.