Article Title

A Thousand Nights


Abigail Packard


Dependable, Young Adult, E.K. Johnston

Document Type

Book Review


Lo-Melkhiin has married and killed over three hundred girls since emerging from the desert a changed man. The laws stipulate he can only take one girl from each village once. Our unnamed heroine just wants to save her beloved and beautiful sister from being taken and destroyed. So she takes her place and goes with the king to his qasr to become his wife. While in the qasr she discovers the “copper fire,” magic that emanates from her because of the prayers her family say to her as their new smallgod. As she weaves and lives within the walls of the qasr she learns about Lo-Melkhiin and the demon that possessed him. After being granted permission to return to her wadi for her sister’s wedding, she confronts Lo-Melkhiin and his army of demons to save all the people who have gathered for the wedding. In her last moments of consciousness she also saves the Lo-Melkhiin who has been buried away under the power of the demon.