Article Title

The Steep and Thorny Way


Rachel Wadham


Excellent, Young Adult, Cat Winters, Racism, Ku Klux Klan, Oregon, Historical Fiction, Biracial, Homosexuality

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Book Review


Hanalee has always believed that Joe Adder killed her father, he was convicted of the crime after all. But when Joe is released from prison, Hanalee must confront the fact that she may not know the whole truth. Slowly revealing the darkness that hides in her rural Oregon community, Hanalee finds that the Ku Klux Klan is recruiting young men into their organization. Hanalee’s mixed race heritage makes her a target, but she soon finds out that Joe is also being targeted because he was once caught kissing another boy. Surrounded by lies, Hanalee can’t identify who to trust while thinking that the enemy might be living right in her own home. As the truth slowly revels itself, Hanalee finds that trusting the one person she thought was guilty will be the only way to save them both.