Article Title

Something Real


Aylea Stephens


Outstanding, Young Adult, Heather Demetrios, Teen Romance, Reality Television, Fame, Suicide, Parents, Siblings, Friendship

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Book Review


Bonnie™ Baker grew up on TV with her twelve siblings on the hit reality show Baker’s Dozen. Since the show was cancelled four years ago, she changed her name to Chloe and started a normal life not in the spotlight. She loves having friends and a potential boyfriend, but finding out that Baker’s Dozen is going back on the air soon might ruin all of that for her. Four years ago the show was partly cancelled after she swallowed too many pills and nearly died. Now with the show back on air, those past events are coming back to haunt her and she again has to deal with having no privacy in her life. Dealing with PTSD, panic attacks, and the ever-present cameras, Chloe decides that she won’t put up with the invasion of her personal space and the TV show changing what is actually happening in her home. With the help of her friends and her brother, she gains the courage to break the connection and make her own life away from cameras and the false world of reality TV.