Article Title

Raymie Nightingale


Rachel Wadham


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Kate DiCamillo, Friendship, Beauty Pagents, 1970s, Fathers, Death

Document Type

Book Review


Raymie knows she can make her father come back if only he can see her picture in the newspaper. To accomplish her goal, she is determined to become Little Miss Central Florida Tire 1975. But before she can do that she has to learn to twirl a baton. At her first class Raymie meets Louisiana, an orphan with a unique sense of reality, and Beverly, the rebellious daughter of a beauty queen. Ever since her father left Raymie knows she has lost the spark that inflates her soul, but as she gets to know her new friends Raymie sees glimmers of hope and happiness. Moments that then lead up to that one spectacular minute when Raymie is able to save Louisiana and everything finally and truly makes sense.