Article Title

The Impostor Queen


Abigail Packard


Dependable, Young Adult, Sarah Fine, Magic, Queen, Teen Romance, Fantasy

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Book Review


The Impostor Queen follows the story of Elli, the Saadella waiting to inherit the throne from the current Valtia of Kupari. When a Valtia dies, her magic, a perfect balance of fire and ice, is passed on to the Saadella who then rules in her stead. However, when the current Valtia dies Elli does not inherit the magic. Instead, her life is thrown upside down and put in mortal danger. She flees the city and the elders who wish to kill her quietly and find the real Valtia. Elli is rescued by Oskar who lives in the Outlands. Through an elderly mentor, Elli realizes that she doesn’t have a single drop of magic in her--an impossibility in Kupari. As Oskar and Elli begin to realize that her nonmagical self can actually amplify or nullify others’ magic, the situation in Kupari worsens. Enemies begin to invade the country and the elders continue to practice their dark secrets. Elli, Oskar, and a band of magic wielders invade the city and overthrow the evil elders. Elli becomes queen while the Kupari people look toward their uncertain future.