Article Title

The Forbidden Wish


Rachel Wadham


Excellent, Young Adult, Jessica Khoury, Jinn, Aladdin, Fairy Tale, Arabian Nights, Arabia, Magic, Fantasy, Romance

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Book Review


Stories have been told of Zahra the jinni of the lamp who murdered her queen and destroyed a city. Relegated to the realm of legend, Zahra has been trapped for hundreds of years until Aladdin rescues her from her exile. When the ruler of all jinni bargains to give Zahra her freedom, her only way out is to manipulate Aladdin’s wishes so she can get into the King’s palace to rescue those jinn trapped within. Transformed into a Prince, Aladdin believes he will marry the princess--an act that will allow him to enact his revenge on the man who killed his parents. Everyone soon learns that wishes are never that simple, especially when Aladdin and Zahra never counted on falling in love. Together they must decide what they are willing to sacrifice if they want to defeat both their human and jinni enemies.