Liz Kazandzhy


Excellent, Young Adult, Caragh M. O'Brien, Science Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Distopian World

Document Type

Book Review


After Sandy Berg took Rosie into his custody, he transported her to a facility to continue to mine her dreams. Meanwhile, in another area of the world, a teenage girl Althea Flores was lying in a coma. What Rosie and this girl have in common is that they come to share the same consciousness, an effect of the dream mining and seeding. The Althea version of Rosie (nicknamed Thea) wakes up from her coma confused, in a new (and pregnant) body, and surrounded by friends and family who expect her to be Althea. The other Rosie, unaware of Thea, escapes from Berg’s facility with a determination to seek revenge on him. When Thea returns home from the hospital, she enlists the help of Althea’s former boyfriend Tom to help her find answers in her hometown and at Forge School. During this time, Rosie makes her way to old friends, first Burnham and then Linus, which stirs up old romantic feelings. Eventually Thea and Rosie come face to face, an exchange that soon develops into a cliffhanger into the third and final book of the series.