Death, Depression, Magic, Alternate Reality, Friendship, Support

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Book Review


Grief group isn’t helping Charlie, Dad is always working, and Charlie’s little sister, Imogen, is depressed. Life since Mom died of cancer is tough, and Charlie can’t talk to anyone, especially since his friend Frank disappeared after his grandma died. One day, Imogen finds a hatch under her bed, leading to a place where Mom is alive. In disbelief, Charlie follows Imogen through the hatch to find a world that parallels their own except there’s a living, cancer-free Mom! With more visits, Charlie slowly becomes suspicious. When Imogen enters the hatch alone, he and his neighbor's dog Ruby rush to save her. Charlie convinces Imogen to return to reality by telling her of new memories they’ll make. Imogen and Charlie reconnect with their dad and receive a new puppy who looks strikingly like Ruby.