Article Title

Red Queen


Jess Verzello


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Victoria Aveyard, Distopian World, Teen Romance, Love Triangle, Betrayal

Document Type

Book Review


Mare Barrow is a Red—part of the common, ungifted half of society that is ruled over by the Silver elite. The Silvers have abilities (manipulating elements, controlling minds, superhuman strength) and use them to enforce their rule. For the first seventeen years of her life, Mare thought she was no one special—doomed to conscription in the Silver’s bloody war on her eighteenth birthday. Until in a twist of events she unlocks a power—a power she shouldn’t even possess as a Red—that turns her life to anything but ordinary. In order to take advantage of her new found gift, the king orders Mare’s betrothal to his second son and she finds herself trapped in the Silvers’ deadly world. But with her heart being pulled by both princes and the success of the rebellion on her shoulders, Mare comes to understand that anyone can betray anyone.