Lisi Hong


Dependable, Young Adult, Tera Lynn Childs, Tracy Deebs, Fantasy, Superpowers, Superhero, Villains, Romance, Good and Evil

Document Type

Book Review


Kenna is an average girl in a super world. Literally. Everyone she knows—except her mom who is exceptional in her own ways—has a super power. The only thing that makes her feel special is her research, but even that doesn’t help her when the lab she is supervising is attacked by villains, earning her a banishment from the labs. But when one of her supposedly evil attackers saves her life that night, she begins to question the heroes she has always loved and worshipped. Are they really as good as they say? When she sneaks back into the lab and finds a hidden level used to torture villains, she knows they are not good at all. Teaming up with her new villain friends, they fight to free the villains’ cousin and Kenna’s mom who were captured by the heroes. Along the way she learns to trust the villains she always thought were the bad guys and even falls in love with one of them. After they succeed in freeing the cousin, Kenna discovers her long suppressed superpower and decides to continue helping the villains.