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Carlie Smith


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Betsy Cornwell, Cinderella, Fairy Tale, Magic, Technology, Mechanics, Inventions

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Book Review


Nicolette Lampton, Nick, knows her life under “the Steps” is about to change when she locates the key to her mother’s secret workshop. As she tinkers around she discovers the unlikely blend of technology and magic that allow her to further her mother’s work with practical mechanisms and delicate, automated animals. When Nick takes her inventions to the market she finds not only buyers but also real friendship in palace workers Fin and Caro. At the ball before the Exposition (a showcase of the realm’s finest mechanical marvels), Nick meets the Heir and leaves behind a glass and gear slipper. Despite the excitement about her identity, Nick chooses independence over matrimony, entrepreneurship over royalty, and friendship over romance.