Article Title

The Glass Arrow


Whitney Troxel


Dependable, Young Adult, Kristen Simmons, Dystopian World, Women, Auctions, Action, Girls

Document Type

Book Review


Aya has spent her whole life with her small family in the wilderness, hiding from Trackers that would bring them to the city to be sold at auction. But they are only able to hide for so long before the Trackers find them. Aya is captured and brought to the Garden--a facility in the city that prepares young girls to be sold at the auction. Aya tries to escape and return to her family, but the Garden’s security is too strong. However, she does befriend a Driver she calls Kiran, who tries to help her. Despite their best efforts, Aya is sold to the mayor of the city. Her hope of escape dwindles, until Kiran appears and sneaks her out of the city. Aya and Kiran return to her mountain home only to discover her family has been taken to the city as well. They plan a daring rescue, but Aya quickly realizes she must sacrifice everything if her family is going to be truly safe.