Excellent, Young Adult, Martha Brockenbrough, Airplanes, Jazz, Racism, Love, Death

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Book Review


Love and Death are two immortal, personified characters whose game selects two players with only one possible outcome: love or death. Both Love and Death are allowed to manipulate circumstances in this game, but cannot interfere with the two selected players themselves. In this game, Love and Death have selected Flora, a lower class orphaned black girl who sings Jazz at her late parent's nightclub but dreams to fly airplanes, and Henry, an also orphaned middle class white boy who has everything going in his favor with school and sports. When Flora and Henry meet, they fall instantly into a love deeper than they could imagine, but with Death also playing the Game, a spiral of unfortunate events begin to head their way. In the end, only Love or Death can win. However, this couple defy Death with their love and spend a happy life togethe