Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Young Adult, Marissa Meyer, Cinderella, Fairy Tale, Future, Teen Romance

Document Type

Book Review


As the best mechanic in New Beijing, Cinder knows how to build and fix almost everything—except how to stop more people from finding out that she is actually a cyborg and has very few rights and privileges under the law. When Prince Kai comes to ask for her help in repairing an android who has secret information that could solve earth’s political problems with the Lunars, she is thrown into a world where she is trying to help solve a diplomatic crisis, prevent the prince from finding out that she is a cyborg, and is used as an experiment to find the cure to the mysterious plague that has threatened the life of the king and Cinder’s stepsister. In her efforts to protect herself, her stepsister, and Prince Kai, she uncovers secrets about her own mysterious past and learns she might be more important ant to the survival of earth than she had expected. In the end, she escapes from the evil queen of Luna and begins her own revolt against the queen’s plans to control both earth and Kai.