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Annie Huish


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Antoinette Portis, City, Walking, Picture Book

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Book Review


In the conflict between getting places and stopping to see what the world has to offer, Wait depicts a walk through the city through a child’s eyes. An adult, seen carrying items such as an umbrella, bag and cell phone throughout the story, hurries a young child in a striped shirt and red pants to get to the train station. Along the way, the child stops to enjoy things such as a dog on the sidewalk, a cement mixer, and an ice cream truck. Soon it begins to rain! The child puts on a rain jacket and the adult pulls out an umbrella and the rush is on to make it to the train. Just as they reach the train station, the rain slows down and the child tugs on the adult’s jacket. A beautiful rainbow appears and finally, the adult agrees that it is time to wait to enjoy what they see around them.