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Tessa McMillan


Dependable, Young Adult, Lisa Maxwell, Fantasy, Peter Pan

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Book Review


Gwendolyn Allister has reluctantly moved to London with her paranoid mother. However, Gwen’s best friend, Olivia, has come to help ease Gwen’s transition. Things go supernaturally wrong when the girls are kidnapped by flying shadow creatures—known as the Dark Ones—and taken to Neverland. The girls get separated but Gwen is rescued from the Dark Ones by the handsome, metal-handed Captain Rowan. Peter Pan sneaks onto Rowan’s ship, takes Gwen, and reunites her with Olivia. But this Peter Pan is a seductive teenage leader who magically brainwashes anyone to get his way. When Rowan comes to rescue the girls, Gwen has enough sense to escape, but a deceived Olivia stays behind. While on the run, Gwen learns that her father was the son of the Dark Ones’ king and the Fey Queen. As an heir to Neverland’s power, Gwen is the only one who can bring balance back to Neverland and stop Pan’s reign. Gwen and Rowan destroy the Fey Queen and Pan, but lose Olivia forever.