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Dependable, Preschool, Daniel J. Mahoney, Jef Kaminsky, Monsters, Kindergarten, Picture Book

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Book Review


Being scary is one of the rules of Monstergarten, so that means Patrick only has one day left to learn to be scary in time for school! Luckily his friend Kevin is willing to teach him how. His first scare victim is Kevin’s cat snowball. Snowball wasn’t scared. Next Patrick tries to scare Kevin’s sister and her friend. They aren’t scared either. Patrick and Kevin research how to be scary and practice and practice some more. Kevin “of course” is ready for Monstergarten. He’s an “expert at being scary.” What’s a monster to do? Kevin’s mom comes to the rescue by telling him to “just be yourself.” Turns out Monstergarten isn’t as tough as it seemed at first, at least for Patrick. At the end of the book Kevin does not want to leave his Daddy until Patrick scares him and makes Monstergarten a fun experience for him.