Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Young Adult, Marissa Meyer, Fairy Tale, Rapunzel, Space, Deserts, Survival

Document Type

Book Review


Cress is stuck in a tiny satellite by herself, but that doesn’t stop her from risking everything to warn Cinder about Queen Levana’s evil plan or becoming a skilled hacker. She has been ordered to track down Cinder and Thorne, but instead she tries to contact them to come rescue her. When they try and things go badly, the group is separated. Cress and Thorne are left to survive in the desert after Thorne goes blind in the crash, Scarlet is captured by the enemy, and everyone else tries to come up with a plan to rescue their missing companions and save Kai from his upcoming wedding to Queen Levana. They manage to infiltrate the palace and have a plan to kidnap Kai and launch their rebellion while also discovering secrets about why the plague exists, but not without some losses along the way.