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Just Flirt


Aylea Stephens


Significant Shortcomings, Intermediate, Young Adult, Laura Bowers, Flirting, Summer, Lawsuits, Friendship, Enemies, Teen Romance, Dating, Lying

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Book Review


Dee Barton wants to spend the summer being a Superflirt with her Nine Rules of Flirting and the guys that come to stay at her family’s campground. Sabrina wants to spend the summer being popular and being the perfect girlfriend to Blaine, Dee’s ex-boyfriend. Both girls dislike the other. When a secret blog gets them both involved in a lawsuit that could change their lives, Dee and Sabrina realize that they are not as different as they thought as they team up to stop the people who want to use them to further their own ambitions. They manage to stop the lawsuit and become friends with plenty of adventures and, of course, flirting.