Article Title

First Grade Dropout


Aylea Stephens


Dependable, Primary, Audrey Vernick, Matthew Cordell, First Grade, Embarrassed, Embarrassing Moments, School

Document Type

Book Review


The boy in this story has been a lot of things (hungry, bored, and wet), but the worst of all those things is when he knows he will have to become a first grade dropout. He has done something so embarrassing that he cannot go back to school. He tries to come up with ways to avoid going to school, like casting a spell to undo what he did or building a time machine to go back before it happened, so that he doesn’t have to face his classmates knowing that he called his teacher “mommy”. He’ll miss being around his friends, but he knows he can’t go back. However, at soccer practices, he and his friend realize that everyone makes mistakes and it is okay to laugh when embarrassing things happen.