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Totally Red


Rebeca Wallin


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Dinah Troups, Barbara Walker, Little Red Riding Hood, Melodrama, Commedia dell'Arte, Shakespeare, Musical Theater, Avant Guarde Theatre, Children's Theater, Theater for Young Audiences, Theatrical Styles

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Play Review


Little Red Riding Hood gets several makeovers in this creative introduction to theater styles. The original story is set up using a basic storybook theater style and is then retold in various styles including melodrama, Shakespearean, hip-hop music, avant-garde, and musical theater. The script itself is humorous and includes narrators that give a quick introduction to each scene explaining the theater style the audience is about to see. The concise introductions and short scenes perfectly convey each style while maintaining a young audience’s interest. Dialogue is flowing and natural and the script includes helpful director’s notes for staging as well as complete prop lists and music suggestions.