Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Henry Cole, Mice, Airplanes, Toys, Animals, Adventure

Document Type

Book Review


Jimmy has built a flight-ready, small aircraft, and he’s itching for a test pilot. So, he steals Hanks’ pet mouse, Sammy Shine. But the launch goes awry when Jimmy accidentally destroys the plane’s remote. Sammy takes over the controls, but he eventually crashes inside the wild Great Woods. Once there, Sammy meets a mouse clan and their friendly leader, Osmund. Osmund believes Sammy is magical because of his airplane, but warns that Mustela, the evil weasel, will want it to take over the woods. When Sammy’s aircraft disappears and Mustela isn’t to blame, Sammy searches for Goggles, an old and wise raccoon, for advice. Phoebe, Osmund’s granddaughter, joins Sammy’s journey, along with several other forest creatures. After escaping from Mustela and his goons, Sammy learns that Goggles took the airplane to repair it and keep out of Mustela’s paws. With the plane ready for takeoff, Sammy, Phoebe, and their traveling companions escape Mustela and his gang to fly safely back to Hank and Jimmy.