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Disney Magic Kingdoms


Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Disney, Simulation, Action, Adventure, Games

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App Review


Most people don’t get to tell Disney how to design their parks, but in this game players can create their own Disney theme park with the help of their favorite characters. A curse has been cast over the Magic Kingdoms, but by unlocking characters and completing quests players can get rid of the curse and built a kingdom full of their favorite rides from the parks and locations from the movies of the characters. The characters currently able to be unlocked are from Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Wall-E, Peter Pan, Tangled, and Mickey and his friends. Players collect magic from characters and attractions after a certain amount of time and then can use the magic to unlock characters and build more objects. As players complete quests, they can unlock more characters and defeat villains like Pete, Zurg, and Mother Gothel.