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Suite for Human Nature


Rachel Wadham


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Diane Charlotte Lampert, Eric Puybaret, Mother Nature, Humans, Virtues, Music, Folklore, Allegory, Picture Book

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Book Review


Based on a musical composition by lyricist Lampert and musician Wynton Marsalis, this folkloric allegory tells the tale of Mother Nature and her children. Mother Nature wants to have a child so she creates a boy and names him Fear. Leaving him with the humans to tend to the earth she returns to find all in turmoil. Determined to make things right she creates Envy but finds the outcome is not as expected. Again she tries with Hate and Greed, then again with a sister, Fickle. Nothing turns out and born down by grief she finally listens to the advice of the winds creating a set of twins named Love. Mother Nature finds that it is Love that finally tempers the others and while they are not always completely successful everything is as she hoped it would be.