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Rachel Wadham


Outstanding, Young Adult, Philip Reeve, Science Fiction, Trains, Thieves, Adventure, Space

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Book Review


Crossing the Great Network of trains that hurtle through the gates between planets and stealing what he needs to survive is just the way Zen wants to spend his time until the mysterious Raven hires him for a job. Revealing that Zen holds just the right DNA necessary for him to breach security on the Emperors impenetrable train, Raven is sure Zen has what it takes steal an enigmatic object from the trains art collection. Knowing this job will set his family up for life Zen agrees, but things don’t go as planned leaving Zen facing danger at every turn. The only way out is to find a way to reveal Raven’s intent while staying out of the clutches of those hunting him, but even crafty Zen may not be able to beat these odds.