Article Title

Not if I See You First


Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Young Adult, Blindness, Friendship, Family, Divorce, Death of Parents, Emotional Healing

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Book Review


Parker Grant doesn’t give second chances to people who break the rules. Because she is blind, the rules are both for her and the people around her to make life better. After her mom died in a car accident leaving her blind, her first boyfriend, Scott, broke her heart, and her dad dies of a prescription drug overdose, the rules are more important than ever. She is no longer afraid to tell people what she really thinks because she can’t see anyone’s reactions, but when she and Scott are back in the same school and the track coach asks if she would be interested in running on the team, she learns that her bluntness is preventing her from healing and from being able to care about the people around her. Maybe some of her rules are meant to be broken.