Whitney Troxel


Excellent, Young Adult, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Marvel, Captain America, Comics, Superhero

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Movie Review


Since the formation of the Avengers, the team has functioned as a private organization. They’re mission is to protect the world, but despite their best efforts innocent people are often hurt or killed during their operations. The United Nations drafts a law called the Sokovia Accords stating that the Avengers can only act under the direction of a UN committee. The team is split on whether they should sign the Accords or not. Iron Man, Black Widow, War Machine, and Vision agree to sign the Accords. Captain America, Falcon, and Scarlet Witch decide not to. The Accords are signed at a UN meeting in Vienna, but the meeting is supposedly bombed by Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier). Captain America investigates and discovers Bucky was being set up by Zemo, who wants to find the five other Winter Soldiers. Captain America, Falcon, Bucky and Scarlet Witch recruit Hawkeye and Ant-Man in order to hunt down Zemo. Because they're acting outside the Accords, Iron Man is sent to stop them. He is joined by Black Widow, War Machine, Vision, Black Panther, and Spider-Man. Captain America and Bucky manage to escape and track down Zemo. They discover Zemo’s plan was not to control the other Winter Soldiers but to tear apart the Avengers from the inside.