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Imaginary Fred


Aylea Stephens


Outstanding, Primary, Eoin Colfer, Oliver Jeffers, Friendship, Carnegie Hall, Imaginary Friends, Picture Book

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Book Review


Being alone is no fun, but if you’re lucky, you will be able to have an imaginary friend to keep you company. Fred is an imaginary friend. He floated around alone until, one day, a lonely child wished for him and he could go play with that child until the child grew out of him. Every time a child made other friends, Fred would fade away until someone new wanted him. He finally makes a friend named Sam who is the dream friend that Fred has always wanted, and he knows that when Sam doesn’t need him anymore will be the saddest day of his imaginary life. When Sam makes a new friend, Fred is worried, but when Sam’s new friend has an imaginary friend, Fred might never have to be alone again.