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Listen to the Moon


Sydnee Burr


Excellent, Young Adult, Michael Morpurgo, World War I, Sailor, British Isles, Lost, Submarine, Lusitania

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Book Review


Listen to the Moon explores the use of fictional primary sources in an unforgettable tale about being lost and then found. 12 year old Merry is sailing to London with her mother from Manhattan on the Lusitania, a ship destined to be sunk by German submarines in the height of World War I. Miraculously surviving, Merry clings onto a floating piano from the ship while clutching onto the hope of being saved. The sun, isolation and starvation cause Merry to lose her memory, her sense of self and any inkling of where she came from or where she's going. When she is saved, it is up to the sweet family who fosters her and their patient and clever son to revive Merry's memories, hope and purpose.