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Just Itzy


Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Primary, Lana Krumwiede, Greg Pizzoli, Spiders, Nursery Rhymes, Challenges, Growing Up, Picture Book

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Book Review


Itzy loves being a spider and the things he gets to do as a spider, but he hates his nickname. Everyone calls him Itzy Bitzy and he can’t stand it. He wants to convince everyone that he's not a spiderling anymore. His brother says that grown-up spiders catch their own lunches, so Itzy decides to leave the one his mom made him at home. He tries to build a web, but a girl scares the fly he’s chasing away. He sees another fly, but an old lady swallows it. When he goes to investigate, he gets swallowed, along with a lot of other things. He tries to go up the spout, but he gets washed out of it when it rains. He is about to give up, but when his brother needs help, he’s able to find a way to not be so Bitzy after all.