Tessa McMillan


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Catherine Jinks, Sarah Watts, Monsters, Supernatural, Apprentices, Orphans, London, 19th Century

Document Type

Book Review


After Alfred loses both Birdie and Jem to an acting company, he is left with Ned Roach to be his final apprentice. However, Ned is not a bad choice. Ned is enthusiastic and inventive as the pair tackles more official bogling jobs due to their status in The Committee for the Regulation of Subterranean Anomalies. During one bogling job, Ned kills his first bogle, but accidentally destroys Alfred’s legendary spear. Alfred and Ned find out how to create similar spears and they share their knowledge with the committee. Armed with their own poisoned weapons, the committee plans for a largescale bogle assault on London’s sewers, where they believe the bogles are originating from. But Ned notices that the bogles they do find are either dead or dying before they even destroy them. After the massive raid, Ned realizes that when the public’s perception of bogles changed from a mythical belief to something common, the bogles’ power and magic died along with their bodies.