Article Title

The Ghosts of Heaven


Paige Price


Excellent, Young Adult, Marcus Sedgwick, Space, Science

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Book Review


What does a prehistoric ritual, a medieval witch-hunt, a turn-of-the-century mental hospital, and a hundred-year journey through space all have in common? In this book, the reader is taken on a journey to answer this question. It begins with a young prehistoric girl hoping to be chosen as the apprentice to an old man who wields magic. She embarks on a journey with him, and in the end discovers that life has a much greater meaning than she first believed. Next, a young woman accused of being a witch. She, like in the first story, begins to understand the never-ending nature of life. In the third part of the book, a man is hired to work as a doctor at a mental institution. While there, he finds that the ideas of some of the patients are saner than those in charge of them. Finally, in the fourth section, a man is traveling alone through space, in charge of hundreds of lives. His journey takes an unexpected turn and he discovers that time and space were never linear, but always spiraling.