Article Title

The Fog Diver


Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Intermediate, Joel N. Ross, Future, Post-Apocalyptic Worlds, Airships, Steam Punk, Danger

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Book Review


In this version of the future, a deadly white mist covers the earth except for the highest mountain peaks. Wealthy families rule the liveable parts of the world, while others like Chess and his friends struggle to make ends meet by diving into the fog and finding things to sell. Chess has an unusual ability to see through the fog, but soon he learns that his ability has a dark secret and Lord Kodoc, one of the rulers of the sky they float through on airships, will do anything to get Chess in his possession. To save the people he cares about, Chess uses his ability to find a treasure that will help them get to a place with a brighter future and to fight off their enemies.