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Cannot Recommend, Intermediate, Young Adult, Teen Romance, Fantasy, Cupid

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Book Review


Felicity Walker didn’t know what she was expecting when she got a job at a matchmaking agency, but it wasn’t that she would become an actual cupid. Armed with a hot pink PDA, she’s given a quota of matches to complete and set loose on her high school. When she decides that two people would make a good couple, all she has to do is send matching emails and both fall under a love spell for two weeks. Throughout the three books, Stupid Cupid, Flirting with Disaster, and Pucker Up (combined as one in Struck), Felicity struggles with making matches that will last past the spell, while also juggling her own relationships with her friends and her crush, Derek. But Felicity has never been one to follow instructions, so she bends the rules here and there. She matches her friend Maya to three different boys with disastrous results, then accidentally matches everyone (including the teachers) to Derek, leading to a massive schoolwide infatuation. Despite this, she and Derek start dating and she discovers he is a cupid as well. Their relationships has some missteps, but they are still going strong in the end. After everything Felicity decides to hang up her PDA and call it quits as a cupid, saying she just wasn’t meant to be a matchmaker.