Article Title

Omega City


Aylea Stephens


Outstanding, Intermediate, Diana Peterfreund, Cold War, Conspiracy Theories, Adventure, Danger, Survival

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Book Review


Gillian Seagret knows that almost everyone thinks her father is a crackpot, but she doesn’t believe them. To her, his Cold War conspiracy theories about the lost technology of Dr. Aloysius Underberg are legitimate and “they” are out to destroy his credibility. When she finds a missing page of Dr. Underberg’s diary, Gillian is convinced that she has found the start of a space-themed puzzle that will help her prove that her father was right and lead the way to Dr. Underberg’s most important invention. With the help of her younger brother, Eric, her best friend, Savannah, Howard, a classmate obsessed with space, and Nate, Howard’s older brother who is concerned about everyone’s overall safety, the group finds their way to a secret underground bunker. Chased by others who want to use Dr. Underberg’s technology for profit, the kids have to problem-solve their way out and solve Dr. Underberg’s last mystery.