Whitney Troxel


Outstanding, Young Adult, Meg Cabot, Supernatural, Ghosts, High School, Mediator

Document Type

Book Review


Susannah Simon, or Suze to everyone but a select few, is not your average teenage girl. She's a mediator, which means she can see and speak to ghosts. However, Suze hopes moving across the country to live with her new step-family could be the start of a new, ghost-free life. That hope quickly disappears when she walks into her new home and discovers Jesse, the unfairly attractive 150-year-old ghost haunting her room. Things get even worse when Suze meets Heather, a vengeful ghost of a former student at her school. Ignoring the advice of Father Dominic, another mediator and the principal of the Catholic school Suze and her step-brothers attend, Suze decides to talk to Heather one-on-one. She quickly realizes Heather is determined to kill her ex-boyfriend, Bryce, and anyone else who gets in her way, including Suze. Heather would have succeeded too if Jesse hadn’t come to Suze’s aid. After Father Dominic gets injured saving Bryce’s life, Suze decides it time for drastic measures. Suze performs an exorcism and banishes Heather to the next life.