Emma Cisneros


Dependable, Young Adult, Rick Atkinson, World War II, Normandy, D-Day, Winston Churchill, France, Allies, Axis

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Book Review


D-day is a day that many Americans and most of the world know of as a day that turned the tides in WWII to bring the Allies to victory. This non-fiction book is divided into two main sections: The Plan and The Invasion. In "The Plan," the inner workings of the Allied minds are discovered. D-day was kept as a great Allied secret and was planned to have three different waves of attack: by air, by land, and of course- by sea. One of the greatest struggles with the plan was making sure the weather conditions were just perfect- if the weather didn't cooperate, the mission could not succeed. Finally, there is a small window when the weather conditions turned more ideal, and the mission was launched. "The Invasion" section then tells of how each wave of attack was carried out. Some groups were more successful than others, but overall, D-day was a huge win for the Allies, and helped turn the tides of the war.