Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Catherine Jinks, Sarah Watts, Monsters, Apprentices, Orphans, London, 19th Century

Document Type

Book Review


Jem Barbary has left his thieving life behind since his past employer, Sarah Pickles, sold him to be bogle bait. With Sarah Pickles still at large, Jem is having a difficult time finding his place. But with Birdie leaving Alfred to live with Miss Eames, Alfred accepts Jem as his new apprentice. However, the two notice that one London neighborhood is swarming with bogles, an odd behavior for these solitary demons. In the midst of this bogle infestation, Jem recognizes Sarah Pickles’ daughter living near the cursed neighborhood. He follows her and sees that the infamous butcher, Salty Jack Gammon, is hiding both Sarah Pickles and her baby farming scheme. Jem realizes Sarah Pickles is behind the bogle plague because she was feeding babies to the creatures. Sarah is arrested but Salty Jack escapes. Alfred’s bogle work gains government attention and his group is hired full-time by The Committee for the Regulation of Subterranean Anomalies.