Aylea Stephens


Outstanding, Primary, Yu Li-Qiong, Zhu Cheng-Liang, China, Chinese New Year, Celebrations, Parents, Family, Snow, Holidays, Picture Book

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Book Review


Papa works very far away building big houses and only comes home for Chinese New Year. Mama and Maomao get up early so that they can spend the day with Papa. Papa gives them gifts, then they go to get a haircut for luck during the new year. The family makes sticky rice balls with a coin in one to give the receiver good luck, and Maomao is lucky enough to get it. They celebrate the new year by visiting people, repairing the house, watching the dragon dance on main street, and playing in the snow. When Papa has to leave again, Maomao gives him her treasured coin so that he will have good luck while he is away.